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Here they are!!
The 2015 $5 Quilt colors are pictured above.
Left column, top to bottom:
*Feathered Hues *Sunshine and Shadow *Aspenglow
Right column, top to bottom:
*Hawks *Cats *Modern Solids
Sign-up starts November 1!
Not familiar with our $5 Quilt?
Here is how it works:

  • Pay $5 to sign up
  • Show up in January at one of the specified times (you will be given a schedule when you sign up). Listen to our presentation and pick up your kit.
  • Go home, sew the block and come back in February at one of the specified times WITH your completed block, listen to the presentation and get the next block free! (YOU must be here in person.)
  • This continues all year - you can make 12 blocks for $5!
  • If you miss a session or do not have your block done, you must pay $5 that month.
  • ONE FREE KIT PER PERSON PER MONTH. ( Additional kits are $5 each month.)
  • Sign up by Dec. 6 and get an "oops" card - this allows you to miss ONE session and still get your block free!

Call the Cottage for more information or to register today!


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